If we consider software company trends in 2019, then Software Development is becoming a number one job worldwide. It has had a significant rise in the past few years. This demand comes from technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain becoming more prevalent.Now,more technologies have become viable, while others have become mainstream.

Various Software Trends worldwide: –

  • Artificial Intelligence

In this technology, computers have the ability to learn things independently similar to human intelligence. There are mainly 4 types of AI that have been in trend: –

  1. Reactive Machines

The computer analyses possible moves of an opponent and its own. After analysing it opts for the most strategic move and then implements it.

  1. Theory of Mind

This AI has the capability to understand that others have intentions, feelings, desires and beliefs. This feature helps machines to learn about the traits of a person and execute actions accordingly.

  1. Limited Memory

In this AI, the machine uses data of the past to execute future plans or moves.

  1. Self-Aware

This AI has the capability to sense its own existence.The perfect example of this AI is the Sophia Robot.23-may_1

  • . Blockchain

Blockchain in simple words is a chain of digital information stored in a public database. The blocks are made up of digital pieces of information with 3 parts:

  1. Blocks that store information about transactions like date, time and amount of your recent purchase
  2. Blocks that store information about who is participating in transactions using a unique digital signature.

Blocks that store information that distinguishes them from other blocks. There is a unique code called “hash” that allows us to tell it apart from others.


  • Cybersecurity

Cyber security was developed to safeguard our computer systems from cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks aim to steal or destroy sensitive information. Cyber security has now become one of the leading software company trends in 2019.

The various types of threats Cybersecurity prevents:

  1. Ransomware

It’s a malicious software designed to block certain information and when a ransom amount is paid, the information is released.

  1. Malware

Malware accesses your computer without any authorization and then it causes damage to the stored information.

  3. Phishing

In Phishing, fraud emails are sent in the name of reputed organizations. Once the links in these emails are opened, then the viruses automatically enter your system.


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