Artificial intelligence is a branch in today’s world which focuses on creating machines, be it hardware or software, as smart as the human mind. John McCarthy, known as the father of artificial intelligence, defines it as ”The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.



Companies that have implemented AI

There are numerous companies around the globe using Artificial Intelligence.

Here are some of them:-

  1. Tempus- Works in the field of health technology and biotechnology.
  2. Datarobot- Works in the field of software.
  3. Blue river technology- Works in the field of robotics, agriculture, and software.
  4. Nauto- Uses artificial intelligence for software and automotive applications.
  5. Zymergen- Uses artificial intelligence for bioinformatics.
  6. Nividia corporation- Works for software and hardware development with the help of artificial intelligence.
  7. Casetext- Uses artificial intelligence for software development and legal case analysis.
  8. Vicarious- Works in the field of robotics.
  9. Sherpa- Works for mobile and communication services.
  10. X.AI- Utilises artificial intelligence for machine learning.

In 2017, the implementation of AI was by 61% of companies. This is almost double the rate of opting for AI as compared to 2016, which was around 38% of companies opting for this technology.

Implementing AI

Artificial intelligence is not something that can be forced into an organization. Before any company implements artificial intelligence, they need to decide if this technology is something right for their company. Artificial intelligence is already there in people’s smartphones, internet, and other systems.

Industries, nowadays are in love with artificial intelligence. With applications ranging from high-end research to low-end customer solutions, everything is covered.

In a recent study,  200 businesses were studied, and 71% of them are now investing on this newtechnology. There is no doubt that AI simplifies most of the operations of a business and also helps to cut costs and time.

This survey also revealed that the main reason behind investing in AI is that this technology automates repetitive tasks, better customer care services and improving the productivity of the workforce.

Bayinfotech understands the value of AI and the benefits associated with it along with the demerits as well. AI is something that is needed by our society for numerous things. It is like a gift from us to us for us to grow more, know more, and extend more.