Human beings are literate and have strong comprehension skills. This is only possible because our brain has continued to develop over time. We communicate using words which are a form of unorganized and amorphous data. With these necessary developments, technology has also evolved over time and contributed towards Natural Language Processing.

Our native language is understood by our brain. Unfortunately, we cannot communicate with the computer because it cannot understand our unstructured form of data. The computer is a structured device, and it needs the same level of data. So, due to our haphazard form of communication, the computer is unable to understand various points which are important.


Facts about Natural Language Processing

NLP has bridged the gap between the human level of understanding and the computer level of understanding. It is a part of Artificial Intelligence which focuses mainly on using computers to understand the unorganized human language.

  • Computers have now started to understand semantic languages and the translation of language, and the summarization of texts.
  • Effortlessly, one can now commence large calculations and computations on a large scale with a computer. It is because the understanding capabilities have increased to another level.

Applications of NLP

NLP is used in diverse applications. Majorly, there are 7 or more applications where NLP is used.

•    The emotions and feelings of human beings are understood by computers with the help of NLP. NLP helps in identifying the underlying feelings of human beings. Some emotions such as sadness, happiness, anger and neutral are judged by NLP. This can help businesses regarding feedback of a service or a product.

•    A quick and responsive step must betaken by companies to assist the consumers’ grievances in a better way. This is achieved with the help of Chat bot, a computer program that uses NLP. Over time Chat bot has become one of the most trust-worthy services for consumers and they are undeniably satisfied by it.

•   Businesses can now plan new strategies as NLP helps them to track the market conditions and reports. Due to this, the business can survive in a competitive market effectively.

•   NLP is a great at matching keywords, then it helps the business identify where they can place advertisements. Better placement of advertisements helps target the potential consumers in a more effective way.

With the prospect of having human emotion translatable to machines;Natural Language Processing contributes towards this upcoming technology.




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