Cisco ACI, the IT Industry preeminent software-defined networking (SDN) solution which allows the data center automation and application dexterity. Customers can set-up multi-cloud networks with a coherent policy model. With the help of ACI, customers get the resilience to move applications smoothly without negotiating great opportunity and developing a single fault domain environment.

ACI: Nimble, open and shielded.

What IT Departments and software-defined networking (SDN) architectures to?

  •   Stimulates application delivery.
  •   Lessens operating cost.
  •   Boosts business agility.

Cisco ACI is an all-inclusive SDN Architecture based. The procedure-based automation resolution backs up greater scalability and a business relevant application protocol language through a shared enforcement system. These assets are accomplished through the assimilation of virtual and physical environments under a single policy model for networks, services, memory, and servers.

The Cisco ACI is built on the:

  •  The application of fundamental policy (which is hence based on the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller).
  • Cisco ACI Fabric (which is based on the Cisco Application Virtual Switch (AVS) and the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches).
  • Cisco ACI Partner Ecosystem.

Cisco ACI contributes a network that is expanded, handled and supervised in a way that provides assistance for various teams in the IT industry containing SDN Network, cloud and DevOps and security. It holds up hasty application change by lowering complexity with a trivial policy framework which could rather automate resource management and provisioning.

Benefits of Cisco ACI:

  • Application Velocity (which means any application can be used anywhere).
  • Open API’s, Open Source and Open Standards elements facilitate software flexibility, ecosystem partner integration, and operation teams.
  • Familiar platform for administering virtual, physical and cloud-based environments.
  • Protected multi-tenancy with precise control for tenants and applications.
  • Remarkable application performance and developing application flow culmination time by 80 percent.

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