The Next Era of Application Performance Management

Shared web applications mostly hold discouraging blind spots and mystical, reappearing complications. In the new world scattered web applications has conceived the entire new fixed Performa of challenges for those assigned with assuring application’s strength and performance.

As these applications are turning progressively into the nature of significant to the business, it’s getting more essential to achieve a clear way to monitor, analyze and investigate application obstacles before they influence the revenue.

Bringing in AppDynamics APM

AppDynamics APM is the fore coming generation application performance administration solution that clarifies the management of complicated, business-demanding apps. No one in this world of industry can withhold slow working applications neither the CIO nor the end users. With the help of AppDynamics APN, no one needs to condone such slow working apps consistently again. We grant companies to keep an eye on their production applications and also diagnose them thoroughly. This could increase the current level of visibility and be procuring to root cause 90% agile.

What Makes AppDynamics Distinctive of Others?

Broad and Buried perceptibility for production.

Business is Deal-Centric.

Edge to Edge browser to backend visibility.

Entire code-level ailment when you actually need them.

Intuition into database effectiveness and SQL accomplishment.


BayInfotech has a long history in helping customers to optimize the performance of their business-critical applications through a monitoring and acceleration services.