Cloud Computing is a big shift from the conventional way businesses. It boasts several attractive benefits for businesses and end users. Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software setting up and running on-site data-centers. It also enables ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system. It also enables companies to dominate a compute resource. Here high level services can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management efforts that can be used over the internet.

Data cloud in the hands .

Cloud computing provides services that are

  • Public
  • Private  
  • Hybrid

  • Public Cloud is cloud when the services are accomplished over the network i.e. opened for public use. This service is free for use. There is very little difference between public and private cloud. For example- Google, Amazon web services that operate the framework at their data center and access over internet.
  • Private Cloud is a cloud base manipulated barely for a single organisation that can be handled internally or by the third-party. Private cloud projects require powerful bond to virtualize the business environment. It is highly secured than public cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud is a mixture of one or two clouds servers that can be public or private, but remains different entities. A hybrid cloud services crosses privacy and provides borderline that can be easily put into one class of a public, private or community cloud services. Here Non-critical tasks such as advancement and call of duty can be performed in public cloud whereas, critical tasks that are sensitive like data handling can be done in private cloud.


Some benefits of cloud computing

  • The cloud is always available.
  • It has a better security.
  • It increases partnership among your team.
  • The cloud actually saves your money.
  • It makes easy to control your documents.



Cloud computing has the potential to be distressing force by damaging the deployment and use of technology. It can provide many benefits to its user, for businesses and user end. But along with this it also has some challenges to overcome, as people are very suspicious about sharing data on cloud. They are clutched about their data whether it is secure and protected. But once, there are guidance worldwide, cloud computing will remodel the future.

Cloud computing is changing the way IT departments buy IT. Businesses have a scope of paths to the cloud, including infrastructure, platforms and applications that are accessible from cloud providers as online services. Many people may be confused by the range of offerings and the terminology used to describe them and will be unsure of the risk and benefits.

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