Turbonomic- officially known as VMTurbo operations manager is a cross-platform virtualization managing and auditing tool which is designed to work in Microsoft, Citrix and Red-Hat environment. The software clarifies keeping an eye on data and accepts automated action when applicable. It also removes the need for time-consuming management interface and provides the dashboard style glimpse of the integrated data center.

Extending functionality of Turbonomic’s:

The six add-on modules involve:-

  •   Application regulation module.
  •   Network control module.
  •   The container control module.
  •   Storage control module.
  •   Fabric control module and
  •   The hybrid cloud control module.

Turbonomic manages workloads at the hypervisor level. It adopts agentless formation and works as a VM that squats on the hypervisor. It has the capability to appoint workloads based on the requirement as well as the current resource usage. It can also reserve its space in the data center for eventual workloads.

Turbonomic virtualization monitoring tool:

This tool provides many what-if features over its scope planning unit, involving anticipating analysis for variations in the virtual environment. Its data center imitation unit anticipates how changes are done such as by adding a hardware which is new or consolidating clusters can influence the workload. It examines fault tolerance by simulating the sequence of events mainly: Disaster recovery events and host failures. This tool also backs up high availability configurations which lower the downtime in the virtual environment.

Benefits of this service with BayInfotech:

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