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Here at BayInfotech, we’re often asked about the dynamics of the IT field and how our courses are adapted depending on industry trends. However, we are aware of the fact that these fields require extraordinary flexibility and speed; in order to stay competitive, IT professionals have to be several steps ahead and receive modern training solutions. After all, expertise is measured not only in the amount of theoretical knowledge one possesses, but also in the ability to learn quickly and stay up to date with the latest technologies. IT training, whether it comes as CCNA, CCNP or Cisco courses, comes with certain challenges. We can proudly say that we have overcome them and now we are able to offer our trainees professional courses that combine technical lessons with reliable mentorship.

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Challenge #1 – High industry requirements 

One of the biggest challenges that IT professionals have to face is connected to the high requirements in information and technology. In a field that is obviously characterized by competition and constant evolution, people often find that traditional training solutions are outdated, incomplete and cannot prepare them for a successful career in IT. To eliminate this challenge, we have worked with our partners to develop strategic courses, based on actual industry requirements. Our Cisco-approved curriculum lives up to the highest requirements and is taught by professional Cisco Certified System Instructors. Versatility is also important, which is why we cover multiple fields, ranging from routing and switching to data centers and wireless networks.

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Challenge #2 – Customized training

A positive and efficient training experience is at the core of every IT success story, but it’s not uncommon for trainees to express their dissatisfaction with the stern and impersonal lessons they receive in college. Our Cisco training solutions were designed to motivate, inspire and inform. They are personalized, constantly updated to suit each trainee’s level and always focus on communication and a friendly student-instructor relationship. Since the objective of many courses is to develop practical skills, such as building computer networks, mechanical learning is strictly excluded.

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Challenge #3 – Time and distance

The access to quality training solution is often restricted by time and distance. Not all aspiring IT professionals can find modern Cisco training solutions in their area and they resign themselves to the idea that they will never learn the necessary curriculum to find a position in the IT department of a top rated company. In addition, people who do have access to professional training centers cannot attend them because they are already working and courses usually take place during office hours. This challenge can easily be fixed thanks to the communication possibilities brought by the Internet. Classes are also available online, so those who are interested in them can receive professional IT training via the Internet, without leaving their homes.  The fact that lessons are taught online in no way implies a loss of quality, so trainees can get the same professional mentorship as they would receive by attention classes physically.

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