Computer networking allows users to attain access to remote databases for communication and research purposes. Just as the name suggests, a computer network implies a group of devices that are connected by wiring or wireless protocols. In other words, networking is used to transmit, store, categorize and access information remotely by connecting computers and peripherals through switches and routers.  Any business, academic institution and home relies on this technology to connect multiple devices and share information. The best example of networking is probably the Internet, which is a large network that allows people around the globe to share information revolutionizing our world. Switches and routers are key components of any computer network, as they enable the communication between network devices. Cisco Systems is currently the most renowned and appreciated networking equipment manufacturer and a long-term BayInfotech partner. This company also sponsors IT Professional certifications and training for Cisco products.


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The role of a switch

Switches are an important part of a network, as they are used to connect multiple devices of the same network within an area or building. You can use a switch on a campus for example to connect computers, servers and printers between each other, helping users share resources. A switch can also be seen as a controller that allows you to share information and allocate resources, substantially increasing productivity. If you have a switch within a building, you can connect all devices and peripherals, action which will save you money.

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Managed and unmanaged switches

There are two types of switches, managed and unmanaged, that function just the way their name suggests. While an unmanaged switch will not allow you to make any changes, the managed switch will allow you to program it to fit your needs. Generally, unmanaged switches are used for home networking, while managed switches are preferred by institutions and businesses, because they offer a better flexibility and control over the traffic.

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 The role of a router

Routers are used to connect multiple networks, as for instance your home network to the Internet, which will allow you to share the Internet connection among users and devices. The role of a router is that of a dispatcher. A router will choose the fastest route to send information from a connection to another, while analyzing the data and protecting your information. Routers are essential in a company and very useful in a home, especially with the development of mobile technology.

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Types of routers

There are various types of routers that offer specific benefits, depending on your needs. Firewalls are specialized software that has the duty of protecting data from outside threats. A Virtual Private Network or a VPN has the purpose of ensuring remote users can access the network in a safe way, while the IP Phone network uses computer and telephone network technologies to allow voice and conferencing communication between networks and devices.

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