Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become widely integrated within companies in recent years. This use of the technological and algorithmic approach is aimed at improving businesses, provide better service to the customer, and improve the efficiency of the overall business in terms of speed, cost and time.


When we look into the implementation of machine learning in industries, it is noted that around 49% of the industry has deployed this technology for exploring possible developments, whereas the rest 51% are the early users or sophisticated users. With industries moving towards sectors that have a push ahead implementation like cybersecurity, healthcare, it is seen that the percentage of industries using machine learning platform has seen a steep increase.

Recent research states that machine learning has taken a major growth spurt and is expected to grow for more than 30 million by 2025 in the market. The major companies like Apple, Twitter, Amazon have implemented the machine learning to personalize their customer experience and expand their revenue. This innovate approach not only involves analyzing customer data but also predicting their future purchase and possible marketing strategies for every customer.

Machine learning provided with big data and a combination of quantum computing facility can empower any business. Some of the machine learning adaptations are,

Automating machine learning:

The early adopter’s embedded machine learning into the business environment. This helped in precision decision making in real time. Any firm employing the automated machine learning system can update their models without human intervention as the machine learning system constantly learns with the help of data they are provided with.

Decision making:

There has been rapid growth data in the organizations since this rapid growth exceeds manual decision making; the infusion of machine learning helps rapid decision making in real time.

From a 2017 report, it is stated that 51 percent of the organization that had implemented were trying to expand it by 40 percent. The implementations like Decision management that has a 26 percent deployment, machine learning which has a 26 percent implementation, and deep learning which has a 25 percent deployment are the top AI blocks that are implemented in the market.

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