DevOps is not based on static methodologies and techniques, but on professional guidelines and rules that help the industry or the business units to connect and make collaborations inside the company and let go of the old and traditional methods.


Guiding rules for DevOps includes culture, history, automatic understanding, measurement, and sharing. Over the course of time, DevOps is moving ahead by being mature around many areas like waterfall development. Initially the codes written by the development team in the span of three to four months were then combined, which ultimately resulted in lower productivity rate. Then continuous integration is implemented where codes are written by developers and are integrated quickly with the main code for a faster software release.

Continuous deployment is the most advanced form of the delivery process for DevOps. There is no manpower involved in the scenario. Limited audience is allowed to check the software because of security reasons. There is the development of a whole new level of the loop of automated feedback.

Upcoming trends in 2019…

Now let us consider a various number of trends in DevOps that can be seen in 2019 which are as follows:-

1.A substantial rise in the use of AI with scientific data boost-

Due to advancement in the use of artificial intelligence, the developers from all the companies will be forced to move the information seen and scientific data team to look for DevOps practices in the workflow.

2.Code learning by the checkers and testers-

Testers are trying to learn how to do coding because of the high demand for coding in DevOps. It helps the testers in better understanding of different parts and components in DevOps.

3.Increase in need of continuous delivery-

With an increase in opting for multi-cloud architecture, there will be an increase in continuous delivery demand. Continuous deployment, as stated above, will see a rise in demand because of chain increase in demand for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

4.Development of database-

There is a firm proof and finding that with development in the database, there can be development in DevOps in terms of performance.

 5.Security will be given utmost importance-

Making a decision about security from the beginning will require software building with security inbuilt in it. There is an increasing importance of DevSecOps, which is about inserting security initially, in the development of the application.


With the increasing time and development in every technical field, above are few of the upcoming DevOps trends that can be seen in 2019. Bay Infotech also realizes that DevOps is something that is always developing, and new trends will continue to add on to support in the development either directly or indirectly.