Turbonomic is an application testing environment used to measure performance metrics. This solution helps users in allocating resources and managing deliverables better along with keeping a better handle on operational KPIs like compliance and consumption. Turbonomic takes advantage of a hybrid virtual and cloud platform for added flexibility.




  • Cross-platform functionality 

Most operation managers have cross-platform functionality limitations either to their own company’s hypervisors or some versions of other hypervisor platforms. Turbonomic, however, is designed to manage virtualization infrastructure regardless of the underlying hypervisor. The software works with Hyper-V, VMware, XenServer and even KVM.

  • Template Support 

Almost all the products serve the primary function of supporting templates. But Turbonomic leaps ahead of all others with additional features. On top of merely supporting templates, Turbonomic lets a user use templates for capacity planning purposes. Additionally, Turbonomic has the ability to place a Virtual Machine in the most appropriate host, data store and so on after its generation from a template.

  • Ability to make changes to running VMs 

Being a third-party management layer for an organization’s virtualization infrastructure, Turbonomic’s primary focus is on keeping an organization running well. Thus, it does not prioritize making a lot of manual changes. Like others, it allows for virtual machine migrations and resources reallocations within the limits of underlying hypervisor. However, these actions are automated.

  • Storage Management ability 

As stated above, Turbonomic is a third-party management layer. This gives rise to its different approach to storage management than its competitors. It does not directly expose the storage hardware but works within the limits of the hypervisor.

  • Automation 

While its major competitors have few to none automation support, Turbonomic offers built-in automation capabilities. The software keeps performance degradations at bay by monitoring virtual machine workloads in real time and realigning resources on a requirement basis. The user also gets to categorize VMs as gold, silver and bronze allowing them to be intelligently throttled based on workload demands.



  • Reporting 

Turbonomic’s reporting is widely considered its best feature. Along with generating reports that are designed to be actionable, administrators can experiment with multiple “what if” scenarios related to business continuity and capacity planning.

BayInfotech is an IT management services company specializing in incorporating Turbonomic into your system for automated application management. With its superior features like cross-platform functionality, template support, storage management ability, automation, and reporting, Turbonomic will deliver services to your customers on an application performance they have never seen before.