Software-Defined Networking


Software-Defined Networking (SDN), is a hybrid procedure that assists network management & allows automatically active network arrangement in system to promote network performance & monitoring. It is constructed to generate the network flexible and agile. SDN lets you design, build, and manage networks, separating the control and forwarding planes.

It is not a technology ,mainly it is  a framework that can be easily manageable which is cost-effective and adaptable for making it ideal for the high-bandwidth & dynamic nature of today’s applications. This architecture describes a number of functions internal to the SDN controller and NE.



Some of the benefits of SDN are:-

Enhancing Configuration: Referencing to traditional network designs, devices connected in network were needed to be configured manually which was a tedious and error prone job. Also, in case of bad configuration or configuration loss, the devices had to be manually reconfigured again. In SDN, different devices are connected to control plane and makes it possible to control and configure network devices from a single point automatically using software controlling.

 Improving Performance: Maximum utilization of network infrastructure is one of the key objective of network operation. Introducing SDN to network improves network globally. SDN allows us for a centralized control with global network view and a feedback control by exchanging information between different layers in


network architecture. It allows traffic scheduling, end to end congestion control, load balanced packet routing, and energy efficient operation and Quality of Service  support.


Encouraging Innovation: SDN acts as a platform for network as well as software enthusiasts to implement experiment and install new innovative ideas.

Many network operations can be combined, requiring less equipment. The functions provided by routers, firewalls, and load balancers can usually be implemented on low-cost commodity switches.



Software Defined Networking is bringing about a colossal concern as a technology which is actually generating networks programmable and less costly for its construction and promotion. This is accompanied by detaching the discipline and data forwarding functions of the network apparatus and consolidating the control functions which are comprised of various network aspects.

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