ML or machine learning is a way through which modern machines can adapt to new things quickly. A world known scientist and pioneer of machine learning field, Arthur Samuel once described machine learning as “Field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”

How ML works?

As mentioned above machine learning enables the machine, i.e. computers to develop new techniques without overt programmes. This means through machine learning it is possible for the computer to learn without any human intervention. So how does it happen? Well, the procedure commencements are made by nourishing the computer with good quality input. Any learning requires training. In the case of machine learning special modules are developed with the help of data and algorithms. The selection of the algorithm is based on two prime factors. One is the type of data available, and another one is the type of task desired to be automated through the machine.  





What is the basic difference between Machine learning and conventional programming?

Conventional programming: in the case of conventional it’s nothing but the normal kind of programming we learn. Various programming languages viz. C, C++, Python, Java, etc. taught to programmers for writing programs. After the program is written we give it input and then based on the program we get the output. So, the known free variables are input and program. The output will come depending on the mentioned two. In simpler terms, we can say that in normal programming we give the input, write the program afterward, run it on a machine and then get the output.

Machine learning: in the case of machine learning programming, we start with providing the input and the output to the machine. Next, we run them while training the machine with machine learningmodules. Then, the machine develops its own program to get the desired output. This program can be checked for accuracy and precision subsequently. So in easier terms, we can say that in machine learning programming the computer develops its own logic to achieve the said output based on given input data.

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