Internet of Things is basically a chain of computing devices that helps in developing a strong wireless connection between the networking devices with the main purpose of transmission or exchange of information or stored data between them.


This application or concept effectively works and grows in the workplace along with outside factors. It can play roles in a wide range of fields, including people’s daily life as well.

Roles of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things plays key roles in various fields and perspective, thereby ruling out other applications or technologies.

  • Enhances Communication-

Internet of Things play a major role in helping the communication between devices. The working protocol of Internet of Things create a machine to machine interaction for effective communication between them.

  • Gathering Useful Information-

Internet of Things does a good job in gathering the data in a stored format. While establishing communication between two devices, it starts gathering useful data or information and stores it. With the storing of data, one can retrieve these data whenever required or needed.

  • Monitoring Easily-

Internet of Things also plays a great role in easy monitoring. It keeps record of everything in which it is involved; thereby helping in easy reach to the information. It somehow also helps in knowing things in advance; thereby, the Internet of Things appears very useful.

  • Automation and Control-

Internet of Things help in the wireless interconnection between physical devices and then controlling them digitally. This somewhere eliminates the need for human interaction with these physical parts of machines and hence leading to their automatic functioning. Internet of Things carries out controlled automation of connected devices.

  • Efficient and Time Saver-

Internet of Things help in producing instant results, thereby saving time by eliminating the need for processing the results. The overall performance of devices is enhanced; therefore, the Internet of Things is proved to be highly efficient.

Applications of Internet of Things

Some of the applications of the Internet of Things are mentioned below:

  • Smart Home-

It helps in developing smart homes that have gained huge popularity. The automatic setup of the home like switching on the AC, opening the doors of the home, etc. have attracted huge demand among people.

  • Industrial Internet-

Internet of Things in industries are referred to as Industrial Internet of Things. It helps in creating advanced machines by integrating software, sensors, and other components altogether.

  • Agriculture-

Internet of Things helps in controlling water and fertilizers requirement of plants or crops in fields. It also helps in accounting for the moisture and nutrients of the soil which are important for the crops to grow.

  • Healthcare-

Internet of Things are beneficial in the Healthcare field as well. Its role of storing information can help in saving personal information of patients, thereby helping incomplete analysis of a patient’s medical condition.

With a mass number of roles and applications, 2019 as the year of the internet of thing is so right to say. It helps in various works and field. You can contact BayInfotech to know more about the Internet of Things.