Cisco announces the new HyperFlex Multicloud Platform: an adaptive platform to power any application, on any cloud, at any scale with the simplicity of hyperconvergence.

The platform, built on 3.0 HX software, supports Microsoft Hyper-V, increased cluster scale, and stretch clusters. Multicloud Services enable hybrid application deployment and monitoring. Plus, the new HyperFlex FlexVolume driver enables persistent volumes to Kubernetes managed containers.

What’s new?

  • Partner Program Offers
  • Hyper-V support
  • Stretch Clusters
  • Increased scale
  • Logical Availability Zones
  • Google Kubernetes support
  • Multicloud services

What Do I Need to Know? HyperFlex Multicloud Platform – Partner

What’s New?

New Capabilities

  • Multi-hypervisor support: In addition to VMWare ESXi, HyperFlex has widened the choice of hypervisors with added support for Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Stretch clusters across data centers: In order to meet the data protection and high availability requirements in global markets, HyperFlex can now be configured into stretch clusters for mission-critical availability across geographies.
  • Greater scalability and resiliency on-prem: To support customers with higher virtual machine density, the HyperFlex clusters have been expanded to 64 node cluster scales with added resiliency in the fully-automated availability zones.

Improved Support

  • Google Kubernetes support: HX Data platform enhancements include a FlexVolume driver to enable persistent volumes to Kubernetes managed containers enabling development and deployment of the cloud-native application on HyperFlex.
  • Multicloud services:  Integrations with cloud providers enable deployment and development of both traditional and cloud-native applications on a common hyperconverged platform.