Development and information technology operations are considered as the two core unit responsible for the effective working of any business organization. The counterbalance between these two units are highly essential and that can only be developed from increase collaboration and communication between these units.


This need or urge has emphasized the need for a software development technology that can create proper balance for the smooth functioning of any business organization. That’s where the development and Operation Technology, commonly referred to as DevOps, came in effect.

The DevOps offer several benefits like Enhanced software automation and development along with improved and fast fixing of issues and errors but lacks an essential feature involving Security.

Therefore for complete accuracy and in order to avoid any leak or security threats, DevSecOps is introduced. The DevSecOps stands for development security operations. As the name suggests it provides security to the DevOps application.

Implementation of DevSecOps Into DevOps Technology

The application of DevOps along with the inbuilt security is proved to be the perfect combination. Any technology can be modified or transformed to achieve DevSecOps with a few basic tips.

  • Automate security-

The process of security automation basically involvesaself procedure of handling all techno tasks with security without any human initiation or intervention like regular scanning of secure data, identifying flaws and suppressing the effect of these flaws.

According to the study, the practice of automating security increases the protection against threats and vulnerabilities to about 49% alone.

  • Early detection of security flaws-

It is advisable to delay rather than to deliver defective Technology. Every technology should be inbuilt to support IDE plugin in order to remove any code of vulnerability is detected.

  • Security gate installation-

For achieving DevSecOps or DevOps security, a security gate tool should be introduced in every DevOps Technology so as to block the release of information to avoid its leakage in case of any security defect.

  • Composition analysis-

The composition analysis involves the introduction of tools capable of scanning the whole application and ongoing work so as to avoid theintervention of unknown attackers on the security code. It helps in creating a wider space consisting of all the tools and components being used so as to make changes to any component or tool instantly if needed.



The implementation of development and operation with security commonly referred to as DevSecOps has seen an increasein demand in the technological world.  The open-source governance policy of elite programs has improved its security to almost 62% through the automation process of DevSecOps.

The Implementation of DevSecOps in software and technological organization has resulted in three times more application security.

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