Fabric computing plays an important role in business-wide network fabrics. Also, called Unified Computing it involves creating a computing fabric that comprises of interconnected nodes which look like a ‘weave’ or a ‘fabric’.


In the world of business, it is described as a network technology that components pass data to each other through a network of interconnected switches. Here the connections are made in a criss-cross network fabric.


What is a Data Center Fabric?

Data center fabric, a part of the network fabric, is a layout of computer networking and software components in the data center working in a combined manner to deliver IT services.

Features of Network Fabric

There are various features of network fabrics that contribute to business-wide network fabrics:

  • Combined data from an established system

The main purpose of the network depends upon fabrics, regardless of the size of the network and future requirements for scalability.

  • Support and access to various locations

It helps to manage and access data of various locations from a single point of the network.

  • Provide reliability, scale, and speed

This fabric network system provides reliability, scale, and speed to any business organization.

Various Network Fabric Categories:

  1. Bus Network

A network type in which every device and network device is connected to a single network or cable. This one transmits data in one direction only and is very cost effective.

  1. Ring Network

A network that forms a ring so that each device is connected to the other with the last one connected to the first. The transmission is unidirectional but can be made bidirectional. This one is cheap to install and expand.

  1. Star Network

A network in which all devices are connected through a single hub with a cable or network and all the nodes are connected to the central node. This one provides faster performance and low network traffic.

  1. Mesh Network

A network with a point-to-point connection to other nodes or devices, a physical channel to link n number of devices. This one is a fully connected, robust but a non-flexible network.


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