In the modern world of digitization where everything is on the internet, there’s a crisis of a software or application good enough to run along with the development of hardware. In the software engineering world, CI/CD is nothing but a tool to battle the danger of a software crisis. Software crisis is similar to any other crisis, i.e. unavailability of good quality. CI/CD plays an important role in developing excellent software. Let us see how?

How does CI/CD work?

CI/CD works with the integration of two concepts which are CI or Continuous Integration and CD or Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery. Continuous delivery is considered as a little developing cycle with shorter sprints. The aim of this is to keep the code ready to be deployed at any time. It does not require the program to be 100% completed. On the other hand, it tests the existing lines of code while debugging them and making them deployable at any given instant. Continuous deployment keeps the changes made in the record and deploys them for production. This comes in real handy when the developer wants to take suggestions from the user for a more elaborate debugging process. It not only targets a wide range of bugs for the given project period, but it also makes the release of software quicker.  

Continuous Integration is the next step ahead of Continuous Deployment. In this, all the changes made by a number of developers are transferred into a single central branch. This is done in a way to avoid any future conflicts among the codes. In the case of industrial software development projects, usually, there are groups of developers engaged in developing the software within the estimated time. The aim is to divide the work among them to achieve maximum output. No matter how spectacular this sounds, there was always a chance of conflict among the developers. Continuous Integration immerged as the solution to this problem. Continuous Integration keeps the source code of the main branch updated, so all the developers work on the most current form of the source code. So, each developer can pull out or check in the latest code to avoid a clash among the codes.  

CI/CD is a beautiful but tough to apply the concept for developing software in modern times.

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