With the increasing usage of the internet, there has been a rapid increase in crimes associated with it, and here is where cyber security comes into play. Cybersecurity involves the protection of one’s data and details from online attacks and threats.


Cybercrime variants:

Cyber Stalking:

No matter how harmless it seems, stalking is one of the types of cyber crimes which is trending nowadays. It involves the following, showing up at different places or making harassing phone calls, etc.


Hacking can be defined as breaking in systems and gaining access to unauthorized data. Hacking has witnessed a 37% increase this year.


It is one of the various frauds on the internet trying to fool people to pat with their money.

Along with these other activities like vishing, cross-site shifting also fall under this criteria.

Indian Crime Scenario:

Major cyber crimes popular in India include defacement of websites, SPAM, pornography, cybers talking, cyber squatting, and phishing.

Given the fact that nearly $120 million worth of mobiles is lost or stolen, the protection of data is essential.

It is also seen that nearly 69% of the data theft is being carried out by current and ex-employees, and 39% are done by hackers.

Phishing attacks were more popular among Indian users due to an increase in the number of online transactions. India was listed among the top 15 countries in the world to host dubious sites with the aim of stealing passwords and credit card details.

The industries such as banking and economy, defense, information, and energy are major targets of hackers. The government sector witnessed a 136% increase in cyber threats, and financial organizations witnessed a 126% increase.

Indian legal framework provides the current protection again cyber crime

  • Indian Penal Code,1860
  • The information technology act,2000

For email account hacking, credit card fraud, the introduction of the virus, email spams, and crimes of this sort protection is available under its act, 2000.

Cyber Security is one of the biggest challenges in the world today. Majority of significant crimes like piracy, privacy, etc. is connected to cyberspace in some way or the other.

Hence, it has become very important to know how to protect one’s individual data against these attacks.

BayInfotech is continuously working to ensure complete cyber security. In spite of various laws against cyber crimes, all of them come with their scopes and limitations. However, what is needed is a specific law which particularly deals with cyber crime.