The term Network Automation defines a number of processes which involves the automation of configuration, management, testing, deployment, and various other operations of thing connected within a network. This makes daily network tasks easy and automated. For example, you don’t have to select your network operator, VPN, Internet protocol settings and all. It is all done automatically.

The modern network system is capable of doing a number of tasks which include –

  • Organizing the bandwidth to obtain the route for applying good enough computing path
  • Carrying out root cause analysis
  • Upgradation and installation of new routes
  • Updating the software
  • Realizing security and compliance
  • Setting up the performance standards high
  • Finding out topologies



The Network Automation brings out numerous advantages to the organization, some of them are mentioned –

  1. Lower costs: Network Automation decreases the number of people required for configuring, managing, and provisioning services to the people drastically. Therefore, it reduces the charge of hiring that manpower remarkably.
  2. Enhanced business continuity: As mentioned above, Network Automation cuts the value of manpower needed to maintain the infrastructure of the network services. As the number of people working on the arrangement goes down so does the chance of human error.
  3. Enhancing strategic workers: Through the Network Automation companies can reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. So, the workers can be used more tactically than before.
  4. Better insight and network control: Network Automationenables the company to improvise and adapt to the changes in the network. It happens because Network Automation makes the organization more receptive to the changes via analytics. These analytics gives a clearer understanding of the events in the network.
  5. Greater business agility: Network Automation employs the companies for devising new prototypes for superior time to market. These prototypes can be used to insert the latest features, testing the new models to be launched, fixing the problems observed while testing and all. Due to this, the required time to identify the fault in the design is reduced, this in turn enhances the time to repair the reasons of the rouge design. Also, due to Network Automation, the models can be accompanied with better keenness and elasticity.

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