Artificial Intelligence is a modern term popular in the technology field.
AI or Artificial Intelligence is a branch of advanced Computer Science. It is used for inventing cutting edge smart machines which can think and work just like humans. An AI-powered computer can perform numerous tasks, for example –

  1. Speech recognition: Have you ever thought about how SIRI or Google assistant or any other technology which uses your voice as the password knows that it’s you? Well, speech recognition is one of the most powerful and enjoyable facilities of modern smart gadgets which has been possible because of AI.
  2. Machine Learning:  Machine learning can be considered as the side branch of AI. It is so powerful that many people fear that it may bring the “Skynet” of “Terminator” series into the real world someday. Keeping all the negativity around it aside, machine learning is a considered as a tremendous step of science towards the future. Machine learning makes it possible for machines to learn about their environment. The basic fundamental thing of one to understand his or her environment is nothing but his or her intelligence. That is why AI is the foundation of machine learning.
  3. Planning: gone are those days when computers were meant only for computing. Today’s modern computer systems can perform simulation, graphics, designing, and with proper programming, they can also plan for future outcomes too. AI is revolutionizing current estimation system. This means if someone puts the respective inputs viz. project time, project cost, interest of bank loan, etc. then the computer can calculate the viability of the project on its own through powerful AI technology.Not only that, it can also come up with strategies to make the project more profitable than before.
  4. Problem-solving: in the old mobile phone scientific calculations, i.e. determining the log of a number, exponential of a number and all was not possible, but today’s smartphones can do them all in a snap. You may think it’s the processor’s credibility. Well, you are right, but AI has a lot to do in this aspect too. Without the power of AI, solving modern problems was far too difficult for the processors.





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